About RedLion

RedLion is a product designed by and for a digital era, best suited for Indian Lawyers, Law Firms, and Legal Departments.

RedLion is all about management and streamlining.

Our product provides solutions to problems faced organizing, streamlining, and effectively utilizing the dynamic information that advocates and law firms handle every day.

RedLion is the answer to your problem; "How can I make this efficient and easier?"

Our Story

The developer of RedLion is a law student and comes from a legal background, one day when working with his father he noticed how each and every client had to be updated and reminded of their cases' status; that's when he conceptualized the design for a software that could do just that.

RedLion has been through series of developments, starting in July 2020. After a year and half well spent on multiple designs, concepts and ideas we were finally ready to release a product that would be appreciated. What began as a simple WhatsApp notification service is now a full fledged CRM.

Meet our team

Akshit Kumar