RedLion Features

RedLion is a product designed by and for a digital era, best suited for Indian Lawyers, Law Firms, and Legal Departments.

Case / Matter Management

Our case management system has made managing information easier than ever before. Create a case in just a few seconds. The case will create its activity stream as you keep adding information and making updates. Everything comes together seamlessly to provide the big picture systematically.

Identify in advance conflicts in hearing dates falling on the same day. Eliminate last-minute rush to courts. By getting intimated by our automated reminders well ahead of time, you can plan both your work, teamwork in an informed manner. Our legal management for hearing dates will make sure your schedules never clash.

Next Date Management

Customizable Alerts

With RedLion you have complete control over when you would like you and your clients to be notified of upcoming hearings.

We use WhatsApp as our primary means of communication. With over 390 million WhatsApp users in India, it is a very productive and useful feature.

WhatsApp Updates

To-Dos Management

Create tasks with a single click with our law software. They will automatically get synced to the calendar and send you notifications and reminders. This feature is especially helpful if you or your team members set aside a variety of to-do tasks each day. To-dos are indispensable.

Synchronise your case posting dates with Courts. Load publicly available data that is useful to your case. Our case management software will automatically pick up the next hearing date and record. It will also notify you and the associated clients via email and WhatsApp. This efficient data sync saves time and keeps errors at bay.

Automated Court Sync

Client Management

Add any number of clients and their identifiable data. Organise client information in a structured way. Easily and accurately match each legal case with a client. Send emails and invoices to clients, add updates, make changes as and when needed to maintain the exactness of client data with Manage My lawsuits solutions.

RedLion comes with out of the box AES-256 bit encryption, mandatory 2 Factor Authentication and mandatory SSL to ensure your data is truly yours.